Engaging and inspirational speakers

Interesting day trips to explore and learn something new

​Each month we invite you to schedule "ME time" to reignite your inner fire and join us in a wide variety of events that are designed to allow you to connect with old friends and new, and to inspire you to explore some new activities with us, and to provide an uplifting experience through:

​Unless you've found a way to add a 25th or 26t hour to your day, you and I (and a whole slew of women just like us) are struggling to find "ME Time!"

This group is all about ...a group of glorious women who know life is not getting any less complicated , less busy, or less challenging any tine soon, yet we also realize that it is essential to our happiness to put a little more "ME back in our "Time."  

When we feel good and fulfilled  we can be better moms, friends, employees or business owners, and better people.  It doesn't take much to tip the scales one way or the other--all it takes is a tiny bit of time inspire spent to recharge and we hope to make it easy for you!  Together, we will grow!

Social evenings for cocktails and dinner at vibrant local restaurants

Creative project-making workshops

What Women Are Saying:

"Being a business owner, I can, and do, work 7 days a week. By the time I think of something unrelated to business to do, the event or time has come and gone.  With Living All The Way, I can attend events that are already organized with date, time and place.  If i have it on my schedule and just have to show up, I go.  I appreciate getting out of my office, talking to interesting and accomplished women who are in the group as we tour a museum or enjoy a glass of wine while listening to a vibrant speaker or do something way "out of the box."  Living All The Way is my playtime."  Erin F., Stamford, CT Insurance Agent

As a mom of two young kids, if I don't schedule a shower, I don't get to take one!  But seriously, I miss the good old days sometimes, when I got to go where I wanted, and see my friends, and have a few laughs.  I decided this year to make those things a priority--and it's easy with Living All The Way.  It's like Enforced Me Time!  Hooray for ME!

Liz R., Norwalk, CT

"I'm a recent "empty nester."  When my son left for college, I thought I'd enjoy having tons of free time, and filling my days with new activities.  But I soon realized, it's often not that much fun to being all those new things alone.  With Living All The Way, I get the best of both worlds--new adventures and experiences, AND a slew of interesting, like-minded women to do them with!  Now I really AM Living All The Way!"  Trish R., New Canaan, CT